London’s Main Drainage Booklets

I thought I’d share some front cover images from a few variations of booklet on the theme of London’s Main Drainage, produced by a mix of London administrative bodies. I’m unsure how many incarnations of these booklets were published over the years, though I expect it is greater than the five I have. Read More

Paul’s Pasta Steamer

We’d wanted to check out a few City sewer anomalies for a while and the increasingly rare celestial alignment of st00p not working and JD not being otherwise engaged had been forecast for an evening later one week, so plans were formulated. We hadn’t specifically set out to investigate the Paul’s Wharf Sewer (dubbed Paul’s Pasta Steamer), it was supposed merely to be the pathway to more interesting fare but winded up being said fare. Read More

Drain0r Magazine – It’s Miasmic

Back in the heady days of 2008, in days of frivolity and disposable income, I was the co-editor of a short print run fanzine type publication named Section61. The third issue of said zine was drain & sewer themed and as it was being taken on as a solo effort Read More

Anatomy of a Junction: Two

North Western Storm Relief Sewer: Notting Hill

After years of dispute and deliberation Joseph Bazalgette (Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Board of Works) was given a little short of carte blanche to reform London’s piecemeal drainage system, the clincher being the much documented ‘Great Stink‘ of 1858. Bazalgtte’s intercepting sewers constituted the lion’s Read More

A cover story

“What on earth is that place?”

“What must my job be?!”

“I hope I get paid a lot for doing that!”

“Where is that anyway?” Read More

Metropolitan Board of Works