Paul’s Pasta Steamer

We’d wanted to check out a few City sewer anomalies for a while and the increasingly rare celestial alignment of st00p not working and JD not being otherwise engaged had been forecast for an evening later one week, so plans were formulated. We hadn’t specifically set out to investigate the Paul’s Wharf Sewer (dubbed Paul’s Pasta Steamer), it was supposed merely to be the pathway to more interesting fare but winded up being said fare.

A cover story

“What on earth is that place?” “What must my job be?!” “I hope I get paid a lot for doing that!” “Where is that anyway?”

Close encounters of the turd kind

For a period of four years, since our first ventures into the Fleet Sewer, all exploration outings on the part of ourselves and others had been concentrated on its downstream stretch; being the approx 2km run from the area close to the northern end of Farringdon Road down to the Thames in the vicinity of […]

Metropolitan Board of Works