Drain0r Magazine – It’s Miasmic

Back in the heady days of 2008, in days of frivolity and disposable income, I was the co-editor of a short print run fanzine type publication named Section61. The third issue of said zine was drain & sewer themed and as it was being taken on as a solo effort by myself it was decided to re-brand it as a spin-off project, Drain0r Magazine. Sadly we only produced two issues, with the second being a rather glorious full-colour affair featuring an international line-up of drainage aficionados.

Ten years on seems like a considerable enough passage of time to not rile those who raided their coffers to purchase a physical copy. As such I’ve saved both issues out as pdfs and made them available for download via the linked cover images below. Enjoy.



3 Responses to “Drain0r Magazine – It’s Miasmic”
  1. Steve says:

    Excellent couple of mags, great pics and very interesting articles…

  2. the cleaner says:

    been following these guys off n on for nearly a decade….just read through Drain0r Magazine – it was awesome!. JD and his exploits got me interested in all things underground. Hope he is still doing well.

    • Jondoe says:

      Ahoy! Appreciate the comment. Such a shame that time conspired against me to be able to continue with the zine. I really loved putting it together and being part of such a niche publication. JD is still doing well πŸ˜‰ Still a devoted aficionado of all things sewery.

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