Run this by me again

Yes, that is a part of what we do in the course of our study of London’s main drainage network. Alongside more traditional study and research practices, such as access to archival materials and the use of other historic and literary resources, we apportion equal importance to the hands on scrutiny of our subject matter. Taking time to explore, investigate and photograph London’s sewers affords us a greater understanding of the often complex architecture and gives practical insight and knowledge that cannot be gained from any amount of time spent thumbing through books and documents.

The exploratory aspect of our study is undertaken with assessment of the personal risks involved. Although we are not wastewater professionals we utilise appropriate PPE, PGD and observe safe practice as necessary.


In Memoriam

Sir Joseph William Bazalgette

This website is dedicated to the memory of Sir Joseph William Bazalgette, Chief Engineer to the Metropolitan Board of Works (1856 – 1889) and mastermind of a unified system of main drainage for London. The city owes much to his vision and foresight in planning and executing a complex and colossal public work that endures still as the backbone of London’s sewer network.

Metropolitan Board of Works