Anatomy of a Junction: One

The King’s Scholars’ Pond Sewer: St. John’s Wood

When a fellow underground aficionado first ventured into a London sewer his planned journey began in St. John’s Wood, in an unremarkable section of the King’s Scholars’ Pond Sewer (K.S.P.S.). Unremarkable as it was the 5.5ft x 3.5ft egg shaped sewer bombarded John with curious new sights, sounds Read More

Sewer Voyeur

We’d been stooping down a branch sewer for fifteen minutes. Our bodies were complaining almost as much as our sense of salubrity, it was very apparent that our chosen access route was rather less sanitary than we’d hoped for Read More

Northern Exposure

While Joseph Bazalgette was cementing his place in the annals of history, masterminding a city wide drainage scheme for London, his northern counterparts were steadily building their own legacy. Read More – A Tribute

As histories go, the UK draining scene’s significant web presence goes back little further than the turn of the millennium. Given this short span of time, most who have been in and amongst the scene for the past few years have a good knowledge of Read More

Draingerous Recreation [dreyn-ing]

– noun
the exploration of underground man-made drainage systems.

This text is not a three step guide to better draining. It is not a fast track to drain exploring knowledge, whilst by-passing drain exploring experience. Read More

Metropolitan Board of Works